Clair Obscur : Expedition 33

Sound Design / Audio Integration

Clair Obscur : Expedition 33, currently in development, is Sandfall Interactive’s first game

published by Kepler Interactive.


Heart Of The Abyss

Sound Design / Composer / Integration

Heart Of The Abyss is an Hack and Slash / Boss Rush game.

Finalist for the 2024 Yugo BAFTA Student Awards ! ✨

Spinbot Arena

Sound Design / Composer / Voice Recorder

SPINBOT ARENA is an arena fighting game up to 4 players where you kick out your opponents in shifting arenas.


Sound Design / Integration

Created during GMTK 2023, with the theme : Roles Reversed, Phasmophilia will make you play as the monster of the game Phasmophobia.


Sound Design / Composer / Integration

Pescalera is a wacky FPS where you take on the role of a fisherman desperate to protect his coastal town from invading seagulls.

Ultramses (Gamejam)

Sound Design / Composer / Integration

In the city of Neo-Egyptus, the mecha-rabés are spreading terror. Their Swarm-Network was hacked by the Mozes organization, so they turned against the city and its people.

Alien Escape

Sound Design

Can you guide it to its spaceship, while evading the last lines of the laboratory’s security?


Rings Of Harmony

Composer / Voice Recorder / Integration

Rings Of Harmony is a VR Game where you work to save the fate of the world.

Fourmiz (GameJam)

Sound Design / Composer

Fourmiz is a party god mode game where you have to destroy all the anthill !

Break The Circle

Sound Design

This atmospheric Horror Game makes a dive in the subject of Abusive relationships. Revisit what got you here and wander through the deepest Areas of your thoughts. 

Out Of Three

Sound Design

Out of Three is a local multiplayer Boss Rush game played at 3.


Sound Design

Play as an electronics student through dream rooms, solve puzzles by guiding energy to restore power.